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160 years of foundingTry to taste the really delicious tea.

What is the foot of us?

Currently, "Kakegawa tea" is sold as a good item in the bag clothing Haruen main store.
Deep steaming tea is a fine-minded tea because the steaming time of tea leaves is long.
When pouring tea in a hot spring, the color of tea coming out of the tea ceremony is a thick green tint, and if you drink it, there is a fragile taste and fragile taste.

And that means that the state of the Net of a teapot suitable for the deep steaming tea is the best?
What is a teapot that can be delicious with deep steaming tea?
What kind of teapot is usually used? ?

The following net type of the type is a long-shaped sector of tea leaves, and the large black tea leaf brown tea tea, especially Uji tea and Kansai tea leaves, etc. are delicious in this type of teapot.
However, using "deep steaming tea" is less likely to come out.

"Deep steaming tea" is recommended for the type of network type as follows.

The area of ​​the network is large and the mesh is fine

"Gururi Net Furusu", which has all the top of the inside of the teapot

Of course, these teaples can also be used in ordinary sencha,
It is recommended by all means because it is good for deep steaming tea and tea leaves.

It is recommended to use a delicious tea in the delicious tea.

And in our shop, we are doing "Uchi Sake Capture Campaign".

If you have no need to have a fad, a dough, a lid, a lid, a sieve design, you will be replaced with a two-discount ticket for a ticket.
It is also a fact that there is no timing to buy unless it is broken. Once you consider this opportunity?


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