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160 years of foundingTry to taste the really delicious tea.

I want to convey the attraction of Japanese tradition "Japanese tea".

TAFU JAPANESE TEA was founded a tea production business in Kyoto by the founder, Sukeyomon., and after the war, We have been in business for 160 years, developing our tea business as a wholesaler of raw materials in Osaka, a consumer area, a consumer area. In the modern times that change and change, I would like to convey the attractiveness of Japanese tea, which has been traditionally traditional. We would like to continue seeking tea that pursued the taste as a beverage that is also loved by future generations.

Try to taste the really delicious tea.

Like the word “Daily Occurrence”, tea is originally everyday.
Also, tea is good for the body and functional food. It is not just a favorite product. There are many people who are drinking tea with a pet bottle every day, but Most of us probably don't know much about tea. I want to drink a real tea only because it drinks every day.


We carefully selected those that are convinced from the national production area.

Uji, Shizuoka, Okayama, Yame, Gifu, Shiga, Kagoshima ... From various seasons of the whole country, we are carefully selected the most successful one in that year, making full use of our own purchasing route. Things that are sticking to producers, there are only things that can be made there, and one with technology. Then, we will be sorting and blended produce new tea according to the year. The taste is also particularly particularly good for quality and safety.

Our mission is to connect the producers who care about production with the customers.

Production farmers who are cultivating tea with commitment are a lot of people in the country. In addition, there are many people who are engaged in tea in each region.
It is also our important mission to leave tea culture and production environment in future generations.
We can not grow tea, but you can tell customers who are really delicious. Please ask anything about Japanese tea.

Freshness is the key to tea. Blended in our own factory.

Freshness is the key to tea, When tea is exposed to the air, it becomes moist. Storage of raw materials is a low temperature warehouse (5-10 ° C) and vacuum pack condition. Remove and process immediately before blending. It is packed with nitrogen gas filling, and the time to touch the air is reduced to the limit and offering fresh things.

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What is the foot of us?

Currently, "Kakegawa tea" is sold as a good item in the bag clothing Haruen main store.Deep steaming tea is a fine-minded tea because the steaming time of tea leaves is...

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